Cabinet Maisonneuve,
criminal defence and disputes

Drawing on forty years of experience, the team at Cabinet Maisonneuve, made up of lawyers known for their professional skill and determination, specialises in criminal defence for private individuals and companies.

Originally founded by Patrick Maisonneuve, the firm progressively focused on the defence of companies, corporate officers, employees and elected officials.

The evolution of the economy, its complexification and internationalisation over the last few decades have led Cabinet Maisonneuve to expand its work to include all branches of criminal law that seek to regulate the increasingly complex tangle of regulations and procedures: tax offences, money laundering, international corruption, market abuses, etc.  Naturally, this activity includes regulatory and disciplinary work, in close relationship with our criminal law practice.

Today, Cabinet Maisonneuve advises and assists, at all stages of criminal proceedings, corporate entities, their officers, and private individuals, whether they are suspects or victims of offences committed in France or abroad. 


Criminal defence
is the core of our work

At the heart of the work of Cabinet Maisonneuve is the relationship of trust that the lawyers build with its clients. The firm works alongside its clients in a permanent and proactive manner, in order to anticipate any issues that may arise during a matter, to define the strategy to be taken, and to prepare them for all stages in the proceedings.


The firm is specialised in handling technical and sensitive matters, whether they are economic, political, medical, artistic or sporting matters. The firm assists its clients in relation to criminal matters, but also handles certain commercial and civil disputes.

The firm acts before all criminal, civil and commercial courts in France (both mainland and overseas territories) and abroad, in Europe, Africa, and the US.


Cabinet Maisonneuve has a very holistic view of the matters that it handles and also works closely with lawyers specialising in other areas of law, such as tax law, employment law, and public law, as well as with foreign law firms, in order to build a coordinated and transverse defence strategy.


Our expertise

Cabinet Maisonneuve works alongside you to solve your problems in all areas of criminal or disciplinary law, in France and abroad.

We cover all areas of criminal law for private individuals and legal entities: